Looking up at Kew

Don't you go walking around looking at your feet - you might miss something bigger than you.

I love you Kew

After living in London for 24 years, the city is finally starting to grate on me. It's too big and too crowded, and I'm getting tired of it. A move to the countryside is not an option as we are city people through and through, and I'm sure this fatigue is probably more due to it being February than anything else. I hate this month so much! It's only redeeming feature is that it's short (it should be even shorter if you ask me). Last Sunday we went to Kew Gardens, and we usually don't bother going in the winter as there's not that much to look at. But being there I realised what a tonic it was, for all of us. The kids love it and we grown ups get to catch up, as we all walk about 10km, without complaints. If we ever moved away it would be one of the places I'd miss the most.


Autumn '16 recap

Strange thing we saw in the V&A courtyard during the London Design Week. I don't remember who it was by.

During a leaf-throwing fight, which is like a snowball fight, but with leaves. We need more snow in this country.

The boys having a cardboard tube duel. En garde!

Enjoying feeling small under some trees in Kew Gardens.

We weirdly all have the same head size in our family of three. Very handy when you forget your own hat.

When you ring the door bell at Halloween and you get more than you bargained for.

Went to space in early Nov. It was so cool! Or maybe this was Guy Fawkes night... You decide.

Uncle and cousin and Oomoo snuggles in the new Turbine Hall installation.

Facing the fear and doing it anyway.

Buddy surveying his land, keeping his eye on the local bird and squirrel population.


Dot dot dot

In Stockholm back in September we were lucky enough to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition that was on at Moderna Museet. We both really enjoyed it, I mean, how could you not?


Stockholm 2016 version

Happy New Year! May 2107 be, uhm, reasonable? Kinda trying to not be a Debbie Downer about what shit times we live in, and how it's probably going to get worse this year, but hey ho... Onwards and upwards, yeah? And yep, I'm still behind here on the ol' blog. One day I will catch up... So me and the Oomster spent a few days in Stockholm in the beginning of September, catching up with friends and family. I finally feel that I got over my issues with going back there, which is a huge relief as Oomoo loves it there, and we should really go way more often than we do. Especially as he goes to Swedish School on a Saturday morning which he really enjoys, so I've got to strike while the iron is hot! There is no logic to these pictures, but let's just say that they are little vignettes or something - deal?


The best day of 2016

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a truly shit year. It started pretty rough for me personally, but I will look back at it as the year when I got the chance to reset myself. It was simply time for me to learn a new way of being, and of setting myself on the right path for the next half of my life, and for that I'm grateful for what the past 12 months have taught me. I don't think I can usually say which day was the best of the whole year, but I can this year. It was on my 41st birthday, which also happened to be the hottest day of the summer. We jumped in the car and brought Oomoo's cousins along for a day trip to Margate, and managed to cram in so much that it felt that we'd been away for a couple of days and not just 10 hours. The first place we visited was the Shell Grotto, a series of underground passages discovered in 1835, where someone has covered the walls in 4.6 million shells.  The comments of awe from the kids as we entered were priceless. It was truly amazing and I can't recommend it enough if you ever go to Margate. Selfishly I then wanted to go to Turner Contemporary (pics 2-4) thinking that the kids would get bored, but they had a cool exhibition on with different artists' take on the humble circle. Plus the place had air conditioning, so no one was complaining! We then headed to Dreamland, and got seriously ripped off, but we made the most of the retro rides. The others then managed to get a quick cooling dip in the sea in before we had dinner (I chose to guard our bags and take pictures instead, hehe). As we walked back to the car on that hottest of days, I thought that we'd all agree that it had been a brilliant day, regardless our age, and I'm sure that we'll speak of it for years to come. As for 2017, please be a better year for all of us. Please.


The last night

Sigh. I can't wait to go back. I just had a quick look to see if there were any other pictures worth posting, and it made me want to fast forward until we go back. It was such a hassle-free and relaxed holiday (am I repeating myself?) and those are so good for you! I really want to take Oomoo to a different part of the world, to broaden his horizons, but that type of holiday is not one where you just rock up and wing it. It'll take a lot more planning, and a lot less relaxing, but I think I can deal with it :)  Where to next...?